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Couch Db Binaries


An installer for version 0.9.1 is available at

Info for version 0.8, including sources

This is a repository for my build of the binaries required to run CouchDb on Windows (32bit version, hasn't been tested on any other enviroments).

The build was done in the following environment:
  • Windows XP 32 bit with Service Pack 3
  • Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1


This is a first shot at an installer, and no warranties should be implied. However, I'm open to suggestions and feedback.
The installer should auto-detect the erlang directory.

It bundles:
  • The custom spidermonkey binary
  • The couch erl driver
  • ICU binaries
  • Bat files to compile and run couchdb
  • A config.ini file with the data files pointing to <erlang dir>\usr\couch_data
For now I haven't iet even created a shortcut on the start menu, so to start couchdb you need to go to the erlang instalation dir (most likely at %PROGRAM FILES%\erl-5.somethingorother), subdir bin and execute couch_server.bat .
Try and run all but the last unit test (compaction seems to crash the erlang runtime on windows). Other than that they should all pass. If they don't, gimme a shout, I can try and give it a look.


You need to install these before installing couchdb:


NSIS installer script with dependencies and couchdb source code


Spidermonkey was downloaded from here, and is version 1.7 of the source code. It was compiled with the standard mozilla tools and the flag
The source code was changed according to the documentation on the CouchDb website to include "a custom JavaScript driver, which provides unicode and buffering improvements."
Download the binaries here


This driver was downloaded from the documentation wiki, and I've mirrored it here (since it seems to have gone missing in some documentation reshuffling).